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Diesel Generators by Powko

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Best-in-Class Industrial Diesel Generators from Powko

A power outage might be difficult to predict. But being fully prepared for one is made easy by A full range of compact as well as heavy-duty diesel generators from Powko is available on We recommend diesel gensets to customers looking for better performance and fuel-efficiency.

Here are some other important reasons to choose a diesel-run generator over other types of generators:

  • Better longevity in terms of service life.
  • They provide clean, uninterrupted, and affordable power for industrial and commercial operations.
  • These generators are service-friendly and if maintained as instructed, can retain peak performance for extended periods of time.
  • As compared with alternatives such as gas-run generators, diesel-run generators have a lower cost of acquisition.
  • Diesel gensets are safer than other generators, and can be designed for use in explosive or high-temperature environments.
  • Over the lifetime of a diesel-run generator, its ownership and maintenance costs are much lower than comparable alternatives. offers a wide variety of portable generators that can be used at multiple locations on your site or facility as and when the need arises.

High On Performance, Low On Maintenance

Powko portable generators are different from competing products in that they were especially designed for use in rugged and demanding applications. This makes them the genset of choice in a myriad of industries.

Here are the key differentiators of Powko Diesel generators:

  • Advanced welding and fabrication techniques ensure that these gensets, their trailers and skids are sturdy and durable.
  • Galvanized steel parts (frame, boom and fenders) and powder coated steel industrial enclosure enhance the service life of the gensets.
  • Even with the bulkiest of Powko products, the focus is on using high-quality lightweight materials. This makes portability even easier.
Features of Powko Diesel Generators

Fitted with state-of-the-art specifications and features, Powko diesel generators are extremely convenient to work with. Integrated features include:

  • Control panel with analog and electrical gauges
  • Electric key start
  • Automatic oil pressure and temperature shutdown
  • Sound attenuated genset enclosure
  • Sound reduction air-inlet baffles
  • Quiet type muffler
  • Voltage selector switch
  • 3-phase lug panel
  • Distribution panel with 120 volt and 240 volt receptacles
Diesel Engines Designed to Perform

Quality has no substitute and our diesel-run generator range goes to prove this. The high performance of Powko diesel generators can be attributed to the engines that run them. We fit our diesel gensets with engine name brands such as Caterpillar and Perkins. Like all other components, these engines are also US-made. Powko makes use of Stamford generator ends.

Despite each engine being fully code-compliant, we test each engine independently before we integrate it with our diesel gensets. As a Powko customer, you shall notice that all the drawbacks associated with low-quality offshore products are conspicuous by their absence in Powko products.

Committed to American Manufacturing

Powko designs and manufactures all light towers and industrial diesel generators in its Texas-based facility. It sources products from American vendors. This not only assures quality, but also translates into quicker delivery of finished products as well as spare parts. Simply stated, we stand committed to the American economy and its progress.

Speak with a trained sales representative at Toll Free: 1-866-609-6379.

Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to ask for, thoroughly read, and understand the light tower warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Powko Industries, LLC to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 866.609.6379