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Powko Industrial Gensets

Lack of a reliable backup power source can bring work to a screeching halt. Invest in Powko mobile industrial generators to ensure that your operations are not at the mercy of power outages—both planned and unexpected. Powko power supply products are a long-term investment in back-up or prime power supply. In addition to its popular brand Powko, also stocks brands such as Genie, Terex, and Magnum.

Our generators are a stable, clean, and convenient source of power for:

  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Mining sites
  • Wind mill projects
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Telecommunication and data centers
  • Sports facilities
  • Commercial buildings…and more
Why Choose for Gensets?

As a leading distributor of power supply products, we stock the most reputable brands and provide them to our customers at unmatched prices. We have formed long-standing relationships with leading industrial players in the United States and beyond, and are waiting to extend the same professional services to you.

Here’s What Keeps us Ahead of the Competition:

  • Convenience: The success of any product depends on its convenience of use. Generators are no exception to this. We stock only those products that provide ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. Our products are low on shop noise and vibration, and are compact enough to be easily transported into restricted spaces.

  • Cost-savings: Cost savings are not limited to discounts on the price tag alone (which, by the way, are a given at Every generator we sell is high on fuel-efficiency to help you protect the bottom line. And, these products are rigorously tested to ensure that users don’t have to incur high repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

  • Responsiveness: From the time you seek a quote to the delivery of your product, our power management representatives are quick to respond to your needs. Time is of the essence in every business, and we don’t like to keep our customers waiting.

  • Choice and Availability: At, you shall realize that almost every product you see in the catalog is available for quick shipment. We offer hundreds of models of gensets. Our latest and most popular generators are the Powko Quiet Series. These machines have advanced power control options for maximum efficiency.

Whether it is a natural disaster or remote power requirement, Powko products are at your service. is a leading distributor of Powko products across the United States and beyond.

If you are a discerning customer looking for high-quality, American-made gensets, then is the perfect source. We will help you with the most appropriate product for your needs.

Speak with a trained sales representative at Toll Free: 1-866-609-6379.

Warranty Responsibility: It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to ask for, thoroughly read, and understand the light tower warranty prior to purchasing equipment. Failure to read and comprehend the warranty policy does not expose Powko Industries, LLC to any liabilities over and above the stated warranty bond. If you have any questions or need clarification of warranty details please contact or call technical support at 866.609.6379